Yellow-fin Trout

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Yellow-fin Trout callee macdonaldi Jordan & Evermann

This interesting and beautiful trout is known only from Twin Lakes, Colorado, where it occurs in company with the green back trout. The 2 are entirely distinct, the size colouration and habits being notably different.

The yellow-fin reaches a weight of 8 or 9 pounds while the other rarely exceeds a pound. The former lives on gravel bottom in water of some depth while the latter is a shallow-water trout running into small brooks. The yellow-fin trout is apparently derived from the Colorado River trout which may be descended from the Rio Grande trout which in turn, is probably derived from the green-back trout of the Arkansas.

As a game-fish the yellow-fin trout has attracted much attention from local anglers by whom it is very highly regarded, It is taken chiefly by trolling, though it rises promptly to the fly and is a splendid fighter.

Yellow-fin Trout callee macdonaldi

Head 4; depth 4 1/2 to 5; eye 5 1/2; snout 4 1/8; D. 12; A. 11; Br. 10; scales 40- |184-37, about 125 pores. Head long, compressed, the snout moderately pointed; mouth rather large, maxillary 1 3/4 to 2 in head; hyoid teeth present; scales small, irregularly placed. Colour light olive; a broad shade of lemon-yellow along side; lower fins bright yellow; no red anywhere except on throat; posterior part of body, and dorsal and caudal fins profusely covered with small dark spots smaller than the nostril; head and anterior part of body with few spots Or none.

From American Game and Food Fishes. Jordan and Evermann 1902.