Waha Lake Trout

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Waha Lake Trout Salmo bouvieri Cope

This curious and interesting trout is known only from Waha Lake, Idaho a small mountain lake without any present surface outlet.

These trout reach a weight of 3 pounds though examples of that size are not often seen. The usual size is 6 to 7 inches.

They do not take the fly well until the middle of the summer, as the water of Waha Lake is uncommonly cold. Then they rise readily and are as game as most lake trout. The foodquality of this trout is said to be unsurpassed. Professor J. M. Aldrich, of Moscow Idaho, who has had much experience with the Waha trout, speaks in the highest praise as to its delicacy and delicious flavour.

Waha Lake Trout Salmo bouvieri

Head 4; depth 4 2/3; eye 4; D. 10; A. 11; Br. 12; scales 173; maxillary 2 1/5. Similar to typical Salmo clarkii, but with dark, spots only on the dorsal, caudal and adipose fins, and on the caudal peduncle behind front of anal, where the spots are very profuse, smaller than the pupil ; anterior regions dusky-bluish, not silvery ; red blotch on throat very conspicuous ; head shorter and deeper than in the typical cut-throat trout, the snout shorter and blunter not longer than the eye ; opercle and preopercle less convex ; caudal moderately forked.

From American Game and Food Fishes. Jordan and Evermann 1902.