Utah Trout

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Utah Trout Salmo virginalis Girard

In all suitable streams and lakes of the old Lake Bonneville basin, of which the waders of the Great Basin are the present vanishing remnants, is found a trout which is profusely and finely spotted, the spots being numerous anteriorly as well as posteriorly; scales a little larger than usual, in 140 to 150 lengthwise series, and anteriorly less crowded than in the trout of the Rio Grande, or in the green-backed trout. In partly alkaline waders, such as in Utah Lake this trout reaches a very large size, examples of 8 to 12 pounds being not uncommon. In these waters it is very pale in colour the dark spots being few and small and mostly confined to the back.

Utah Trout Salmo virginalis

The Utah trout is found in the streams and lakes of Utah west of the Wasatch Mountains, especially in Bear, Provo, Jordan and Sevier rivers, and in Utah Lake, where it is a very abundant and important food-fish.

From American Game and Food Fishes. Jordan and Evermann 1902.