Speckled Trout of Crescent Lake

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Speckled Trout of Crescent Lake Salmo crescentis (Suckley)

In Crescent Lake, Clallam County, Washington is a trout which has been regarded as a subspecies of the steelhead. It reaches a length of 27 inches or more, and a weight of 8 or 10 pounds, and is regarded as an excellent game-fish.

It is very close to the steelhead, from which it differs chiefly in colour, which, in alcohol, is very dark steel-blue above, be- coming paler below, and nearly white on belly anteriorly where only the margins of the scales are puncture; no silvery anywhere; lower jaw dusky; a large black blotch on cheek between suborbital and premaxillary; sides, top of head, back, and dorsal and caudal fins with few small dark spots; pectorals dusky, slightly spotted at base; anal somewhat dusky without spots; ventrals dusky with a few spots in the middle; adipose fin with a few spots; lower tins all tipped with paler, probably yellowish red in life; spots all very small and not confined to posterior part of body.

From American Game and Food Fishes. Jordan and Evermann, 1902.