Silver Trout

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Silver Trout Salmo gibbsii (Suckley)

In the tributaries of the Columbia, between Shoshone Falls and the Cascades, in the lakes and larger streams, there is a trout which may be called the silver trout. It is particularly common in the Des Chutes River, and in the Payette Lakes in Idaho.

Examples about 15 inches long taken in Big Payette Lake, September 27, had the spots small, half circles, few below middle of side; rosy wash on side and opercles, brightest in the male; scarcely any red on throat; belly silvery, back dark-greenish; scales about 140 to 145. On this date, while sailing across this lake, trout could be seen jumping in various places; usually as many as 15 or 20 could be seen at any moment. They would take the trolling-spoon readily, and proved very gamy fish.

From American Game and Food Fishes. Jordan and Evermann, 1902.