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Nissuee Trout Salmo irideus stonei (Jordan)

The Nissuee is a large, voracious trout of the rainbow series found in the upper Sacramento basin, especially in the McCloud River above Baird. It is much larger than typical irideus, and reaches a weight of 10 to 12 pounds, but is doubtfully distinct.

Depth 4; A. 11; eye 4 1/2; maxillary about 2; pectoral 1 1/8 scales 140 to 155, about 82 before the dorsal where they are small and embedded; teeth fewer and smaller than in the Shasta trout, those on the vomer in a single zig-zag series. Colour, upper parts plain greenish; spots few and confined chiefly to, the posterior part of body; spots small and sparse on dorsal adipose and caudal fins; a red lateral band usually distinct; cheek and opercles with red; no red on throat.

From American Game and Food Fishes. Jordan and Evermann, 1902.