Kern River Trout

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Kern River Trout Salmo irideus gilberti (Jordan)

The Kern River trout very closely resembles the Mccloud River rainbow but has the scales smaller, there being as many as 165 transverse series. The body is robust, the mouth moderate. Its distinctness is doubtful.

Colour, back and sides profusely spotted ; old examples with more or less orange on lower jaw, this faint or wanting in the young; upper ray of pectoral spotted.

This beautiful trout is known only from Kern River, California, and is abundant in the river channels below the waders inhabited by the golden trout.

The Kern River trout reaches a good size, examples weighing 8 pounds having been recorded. It is a voracious trout biting freely, and fighting vigorously and with great persistence.

From American Game and Food Fishes. Jordan and Evermann, 1902.