Jordan's Trout

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Jordan's Trout Salmo jordani Meek

In Lake Southerland, west of Puget Sound, is found a blackspotted trout of the cut-throat series (Jordan's Trout) which in colour seems to resemble the Utah trout. It is, according to Professor D. G. Elliot, a " beautiful and exceedingly gamy trout, taking the fly readily even as late as October, a great leaper when hooked, and fights a l'outrance. In appearance it resembles Salmo gairdneri crescentis of the neighbouring lake, being fully as brilliantly coloured but can be at once distinguished by its orange or orange-red fins red on the jaw the number and blackness of its spots, and the darker back and top of head. At no stage of its existence that I have seen, from fingerlings to fish weighing over 4 pounds, is there any silvery lustre, but the colours are all bright-hued, some even metallic. It is one of the most attractive of its tribe, and I have had them leap after taking the fly, in such rapid succession and with such dartings about the lake, that it was impossible to imagine where they would next appear. I believe it spawns in the spring, as in the middle of October, the eggs of the females we caught were not enlarged and showed no indication of the approach of the spawning season."

Head 3 7/8; depth 4 4/5; eye 5 7/8; snout 4 1/8; maxillary 1 3/4; scales 146; D. 10; A. 11; Br. 10 or 11. Body elongate, not much compressed; head short, maxillary not extending far beyond orbit; origin of dorsal fin midway between tip of snout and base of caudal.

From American Game and Food Fishes. Jordan and Evermann 1902.