Colorado River Trout

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Colorado River Trout Salmo pleuriticus Cope

In all the headwaters of the Colorado is found another representative of the cut-throat trout series. It is abundant throughout western Colorado and in all clear mountain streams in Arizona. It is common in the Eagle and Gunnison where it reaches a good size and is a game-fish of very high rank.

Colorado River Trout Salmo pleuriticus

Opercle short 4 3/5 to 5 in head ; scales small 185 to 190 in lateral line. Close to typical Salmo clarkii but the black spots gathered chiefly on posterior part of body, the head being nearly immaculate. The colour is extremely variable, but the lower tins are usually red, sometimes orange; usually a red lateral band. A large, handsome and variable trout sometimes profusely speckled, sometimes with large spots, and occasionally with strong golden shades.

From American Game and Food Fishes. Jordan and Evermann 1902.